Friday, January 7, 2011

Home, Sweet Iceland

Sunrise out my window at about 10:30 am.
I arrived at Iceland at 6 am on January 2nd. I have spent the week running errands, enrolling in courses, and figuring out how to connect to internet in the dormitory. I have been told it usually takes international students at least a week to get internet. I feel quite lucky that I got internet in 5 days. Classes start on Monday and timetables were finally finished today. However, most instructors do not know the location of the course. It is frustrating to me, but I am learning that everyone is very relaxed and no body seems concerned. I am having to reselect courses because of scheduling conflicts. I just hope it will all work out. All my courses will be in english. So far there is a conflict with volcanology and environmental geochemistry. Other than that I will be taking glaciology and politics of sexuality. I am excited for classes to start.

With the beautiful scenery and isolated location comes expensive prices. Since the legal drinking age here is 20 I looked into buying some alcohol. I found all the prices to be at least 4 times as much as in the US. I found $22 in my coat pocket so I took it to the bank to exchange it for Icelandic Krona. The lady at the bank giggled and told me it might buy me 1 drink at a bar. The currency conversion is about 113 Icelandic Krona to 1 USD. I have found the people to be very helpful and nice looking. Everyone I have encountered knows English, but I have been learning Icelandic to better understand the culture.

When I first arrived at the dorms there were very few people here. More and more people have been arriving and things are getting more exciting. There are lot of Canadians and Americans in the dorms. The wind has been blowing about 50 mi/hr and the weather is freezing. The sun rises around 11 am and sets at 4 pm. It is very difficult to get up in the morning and once the sun sets all you feel like doing is eating.
Downtown Reykjavik
Our dormitory is about a five minute walk to downtown. Downtown is along the ocean.

Famous hotdog stand. She knew I was from America and was excited to show me that Bill Clinton had been there.

Little taste of Kansas in Iceland.

My dorm room.

The rooms are small but luckily they each have a sink. Showers are communal.

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  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! I hope your class scheduling works out..I'm sure it will. That's how everyone was in Argentina...super chill and not worried about anything. I hope you are meeting some cool Canadians. The pics are awesome. So what's so special about this hot dog stand (other than Bill Clinton being there of course)? That sucks about the money exchange...guess you won't be boozing it up too often. Your dorm room looked pretty nice though. I don't think I could get used to the sunset/sunrise. You should go on a boat ride.