Wednesday, January 26, 2011


My friend and I spontaneously bought a plane ticket to London. We fly out Friday morning and return on Monday. Don't worry, I am only missing 1 class and it's easy.
Iceland Express offers cheap flights on short notice. If you can leave the island for less than $300 it's rare. So, we jumped on it. I have a friend studying in London and we plan on staying with her.
I am so used to the lack of civilization that Iceland offers that I feel once I get off the plane I will be in shock. Almost all stores in Iceland close at 6 pm. (this includes grocery and liquor stores). Reykjavik is about the size of Topeka, but feels like the size of Wilson sometimes.
Kansas Day is Saturday and I am going to have to eat some fast food in celebration.
I will update with photos once I return.